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Q & A 세미나


  • Which country should I include in the Video Title: 'Residence' or 'Nationality'?
    If you have a different residence and nationality, please write 'filming location' or 'country of residence' in the <Country> that goes into the Video Title, and write both 'country of residence' and 'nationality' in <Community Members Information> that goes into the official Application Form.
  • Can I participate in a challenge video by using a song from a different genre?
    No, you must use the designated song for each genre.
  • Can I modify the song provided in each genre when filming a challenge video?
    If you use the same song as the one presented officially, you can modify a part of the song or play the song yourself. However, you cannot participate in the challenge with a completely different song.
  • Can I change the choreography provided in the guide video?
    Yes. You can change the choreography a little according to the characteristics of your community. However, you cannot participate in the challenge with completely different choreography.
  • Can I participate alone?
    Yes. You can apply for both solo and team (within 5 members).
  • Can foreigners residing in Korea participate?
    Yes. As long as you are a part of foreign community who loves Korean culture, you can participate from any country around the world. But please notice if foreigners residing in Korea win the 1st place, airfare and accommodation will not be provided.
  • Can Koreans also participate?
    Since this challenge is made to target foreign communities, Korean may only participate as team members. Korean members must not exceed 20% of the total members.
  • Can I apply for multiple genres?
    Yes. But please notice that you can only win from one genre. * But if you participate in several genres, additional points can be considered in the first round due to your degree of participation. * If you want to apply for two genres, please fill in the form separately for each.
  • What is the selection criteria for the Special Prize?
    The Special Prize winner will be chosen among the teams that demonstrate better cultural interaction and harmony using ethnic elements of each country. For example: 1) Add the traditional martial arts/dance movements of your own country to the Taekwonmu choreography. 2) Use your country's traditional percussion instruments for Korean percussion performances.
  • What should I do if I don't have traditional costumes for Taekwonmu or traditional percussion instrument?
    You can use regular props if they can be used instead of percussion instruments or create a new one. For the costumes, it might be great if you can wear Korean traditional costumes for Taekwonmu, but you are allowed to wear attires that fit your team's characteristics as well.
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