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Application deadline

AUG 1 (TUE) ~ SEP 10 (SUN), 2023, 24:00 KST


An exciting chance to perform on stage with iKON, KARD and LIMELIGHT!

We are looking for K-Community who will participate

in 2023 K-Community Challenge.

Never miss this opportunity to be a winner and get invited to Korea with all costs of flight, accommodation, and tour covered!



K-Community Challenge is a video challenge that allows participants to learn Korean culture online, create a video and share it.

Learn Korean culture through official videos in three genres.

Choose a genre to perform in and create an awesome performance video of your own.

You may replicate the official video or create a unique video using Korean culture or your country’s culture.



  • ‘Taekwonmu’ is a Korean performing art that combines the poomsae and dance of Taekwondo, Korea's unique martial art.

  • This creative performance is formed by seamlessly connecting the disciplined movements of martial arts with the graceful and flexible movements of the dance. You can watch the tutorial and guide video on KCF's official YouTube channel to learn and get inspired for your own performance videos.

  • By clicking on the music note icon at the top, you can download the official sound source of “iKON”’s song <U>.

  • Feel free to incorporate traditional dances from your country into your Taekwonmu videos or use traditional Korean costumes and K-cultural props to add a unique touch.

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Application deadline

Aug. 1, (Tue.) ~ Sep. 10, 2023 (Sun.) 24:00 (KST)

Winner announcement

Mid Oct. 2023 *tentative

Winner invitation

Oct. 30 (Mon.) ~ Nov. 6 (Tue.) 2023 *tentative

Date and place of

K-Community Festival

Nov. 4, 2023 (Sat.) / National Theater of Korea , Seoul


K-Community from around the world

A group including a club, society, etc. where people who love Korean culture meet regularly and take part in activities they are interested in.


※ It is possible to create a new community and apply.   

※ Minimum number of participants: at least one person per team

 * The number of benefit recipients for winning will be limited to max. 5 persons

※ A foreigner residing in Korea is eligible to participate

* Travel and accommodation costs will not be covered if the winner resides in Korea


Subscribe the official YouTube

channel of <K-Community Festival>

**The no. of views will be taken into account for evaluation, so we encourage you to share the video with friends for more views!

Winning Criteria

Score by the jury (70 points)


- Does the participant understand the genre and express it well?
- Does the participant solidly perform the task as informed (dance moves, music, formality, items, etc.)?


- Does the participant propose any special idea (place, application movement, etc.) other than what’s required in the task? 
- Is the direction (recording, editing, etc) of the final video creative? 

Evaluation criteria

Detailed evaluation criteria

※ The above evaluation criteria are provided as an example, and the detailed criteria may be subject to change.

Score for from including cultural elements (15 points)

※ A team that demonstrates cultural exchange by incorporating their own native cultural elements into the video will receive the score.
ex) A Taekwonmu-dance video that has an added element of the traditional martial arts/dance of the participanting country. 

Number of views (15 points) 

Number of winners per prize category and benefits

Grand prize

One team per genre 
(Three teams in total)

- Stage performance at K-Community Festival
- Invitation to Korea (flight, accommodation, tour costs covered) 
- Hanbok or Taekwondo uniform (one for each team member) 
- K-pop artist autographed CD (one for each
 team member) 

Excellence prize

One team per genre 
(Three teams in total)

- Modernized Hanbok (one for each team member) 
- K-pop artist autographed CD (one per team) 

Encouragement prize

One team per genre 
(Three teams in total)

- Korea traditional culture gift set (one set per team)
- K-pop artist autographed CD (one per team) 

Special prize

Three from all teams

- Korea traditional culture gift set (one set per team)
- K-pop artist autographed CD (one per team) 

※ The prize benefit may change when there is an issue regarding the shipment and clearance at the country of the winning team.


- Official videos and sound sources to be used

- Platform for uploading videos

: YouTube (The no. of views won’t be summed up if a video is uploaded on other social media.)

- It is recommended that a video have a resolution of at least 720*480 and be recorded in landscape mode.

- All participants should be responsible for providing a correct personal information and if the winner can’t be reached three times or more, prize winning may be cancelled or passed over to the participant with the second-highest score.

- Submitted videos may be used for public interests as part of <K-Community Festival> project by Korean Culture and Information Service and Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, and the prize may be withdrawn if the winner does not consent to granting the right to use the video to the event organizer.

- Participating with a video that illegally used a photo, a video and copyrighted content created by other person will cancel the prize and the applicant will be liable for any legal issue that may arise from it.

- A video which has already been submitted to other challenges or contests can’t be re-submitted even though it was created by the applicant, and if later found out, the award will be cancelled and the participant will be restricted from participating in future challenges.

- For a gold prize winner, the content and schedule of the prize benefit may change when the COVID-19 situation gets worse or any other emergency situation arises.

- If a gold-prize winning team is not able to attend the invited K-Community Festival, the award may be cancelled or a lower-level award may be given. Also, only the costs for the invited period will be covered and the cost to go to the airport for departure to Korea will not be covered.

- The informed benefits for silver, bronze and special prizes may not be able to be delivered to the winners’ countries due to the clearance and shipping circumstances, in which case the benefit may be changed.


- Applications submitted after Sept. 10 (Sun.), 24:00 (KST)

- Application that is related to for-profit business and promotion of specific individual, group, company, religion, etc.

- Application that did not use the suggested theme and official song


*message reply unavailable

*message reply unavailable

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